MJBI is now Gateway Center for Israel ›

MJBI is actively involved in Israel in some very unique ways.

The first is through the strong relational connections to ministries operated by Israeli Messianic believers. Nic and Tabatha Lesmeister have formed deep relationships with many different ministries based all over Israel, including:

MJBI is actively serving these incredibly fruitful ministries through relational partnership in many creative and strategic ways.

MJBI is also closely connected with Dr. Jennifer Kaplan and The Sheba Foundation, based in Jerusalem. The Sheba Foundation exists to help integrate Ethiopian Jews into the modern Israeli society. Dr. Kaplan is one of the world’s foremost scholars on the Ethiopian Messianic Jewish community, and has vision to continue pioneering education and training for the Ethiopian Messianic Jewish community all over Israel.

Secondly, MJBI in Israel has grown under the oversight of Dr. Dan Juster since 2008. Dan and his wife, Patty, now live in Jerusalem most of the year. Through his relational and apostolic network from Jerusalem to Haifa to Tel Aviv, Dan is prayerfully advancing the work of MJBI in Israel.

Thirdly, the vision of MJBI in Israel is to connect to strong congregational networks to provide Spirit-empowered training and education for Israeli Messianic leaders. Currently, MJBI teachings and resources are being used by Haifa Theological Institute (HTI website in Russian), under the direction of Leon Mazen. HTI trains Israeli Jewish believers of Russian background for leadership to see the Jewish people of Israel embrace Yeshua as their Messiah.

Your prayers are crucial to us as we continue to strategize and plan for an official MJBI educational presence in Israel!