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November 26, 2018

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“A Lion has Roared!” The King of Beasts in a Jerusalem Zoo.

Surely the Lord YHVH does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to his servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord YHVH has spoken! Who can but prophesy?”
Amos 3:7-8: From this week’s Haftarah

1. On Sunday, President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic arrived in Israel for a four-day state visit. During his visit, the President will inaugurate the “Czech House” in the capital, a place which will house the Czech cultural, investment, trade and tourism offices. The President has said that inauguration of this house should be seen as a “first step with the intention to relocate the embassy of the Czech Republic to Jerusalem.” Monday, Zeman is scheduled to become the first Czech president to address the Knesset (Israeli Congress).

For some years now, the Czech Republic has been seen as one of the friendliest countries towards Israel in Europe. President Zeman is strongly pro-Israel. It was during a gala celebration at Prague Castle last April honoring Israel’s 70th anniversary, that he first spoke of the Republic embarking on a path which would eventually lead to moving its embassy to Jerusalem (The US and Guatamala would move theirs the following month). However, for the move to take place, it must first be ok’d by the country’s Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who in the past has stated his preference to follow the European Eunion position against such a move. The EU was hotly against the US’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move its embassy there, and has strongly charged its members to abstain from doing so. In fact, this past week the Jerusalem Post reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Roumanian President Klaus Iohannis last April urging him not to move his nation’s embassy. Merkel is thought also to have called other leaders as part of a campaign to keep any EU countries from making such a move. Last December, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and Poland alone of the 28 European Union countries abstained on the UN resolution condemning the US for removing their embassy 1)


* That the LORD will continue to draw the nation of the Czech Republic into alignment with His purposes for Israel. That the Czech Prime Minister would either turn with favor towards Zion, or be replaced (PM Babis narrowly survived a no-confidence motion for the second time last week, and there were nation-wide demonstrations for his removal).

* For the Body of Messiah in the Czech Republic—that in praying for God’s redemptive purposes for their nation, they would be guided in interceding for their leaders to turn with favor towards Israel.

1) Information for this article drawn from “Czech president in Israel, to begin moving embassy to Jerusalem; The Jerusalem Post, 25 November 2018, 16:26 IST.

2. On Sunday President Idriss Deby of the central African nation of Chad made an unexpected visit to Israel. It is the first visit of a president from Chad since Israel became a nation in 1948. The primarily Muslim nation severed any bilateral ties with the Jewish State in 1972. Yesterday President Deby had a private meeting with PM Netanyahu in his office, and was hosted for dinner at the official residence in the evening. The President Deby’s visit is seen as fruit of a number of good-will trips made by PM Netanyahu to the African continent during the past two years. It appears that more and more African nations there have chosen to warm ties with Israel.


* For a movement of grace on President Idriss Deby during his visit to Israel—that he would see through the deception of his religion to the redemption and blessing for his nation in blessing Israel.

* For a strong move of God’s spirit in Chad—for a revelation among the 52% Muslim population of Jesus. And of Elohei-Yisrael—the “God of Israel”—and the blessing promised to nations which bless His Land.

* For light to shine in darkness throughout this second-largest continent in the world— that there be a coming into the Light and the redemptive destiny ordained for Africa in latter days.

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