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May 14, 2018

Israel US Embassy

Intersection in south Jerusalem with Israeli and U.S. flags and new sign giving directions to the US Embassy which officially moves to Jerusalem this Tuesday.


This is an incredible week, filled with portentous events of great spiritual as well as physical significance. It is a wonderful week—it is a terrible week. Tumultuous changes are taking place in the Heavenlies which effect Governments, and which are releasing blessing and peace and powers of violence and hate. Please Pray that the God of all Spirits will guide Israel and all Nations in His truth and teach us, for He is God our Savior and in Him we Hope all day long…(Psalm 25:5)

* Sunday May 13: This was “Jerusalem Day”—the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish oversight during the 1967 War. It was also during that war that Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights came back into Israeli hands. Sunday, tens of thousands of Israelis—mostly youthful “settlers” from the Territories—flowed joyously through the streets of Jerusalem, into the Old City and to the Western Wall—in a traditional “Flag Parade”, singing psalms and praise songs. On Sunday the Israeli government okayed a plan to apply Israeli curriculum to all schools in the capital and to build a cable car system of access from the Mount of Olives and from central Jerusalem to the Western Wall.

* Monday May 14: This is the day according to the Gregorian calendar when modern Israel came into being 70 years ago (the day following the Hebrew calendar was celebrated by Israel on the 19th of last month). It is also the day that President Donald Trump chose for the U.S. Embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We believe this recognition by the U.S. of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, sealed by the physical moving of its Embassy here on this anniversary, to be of great spiritual significance and consequence. Two days later, on the 16th of May, the nation of Guatemala (the first nation to cast a vote for Israel’s creation in the UN vote of 1947) will move its embassy to Jerusalem; and Paraguay on the 22nd of May. Other nations soon will follow suit…others will not.

For this week of celebration, many hundreds of believers from around the world are visiting the capital–there are conferences, gatherings for worship and prayers, special parades…


* God’s blessing, favor and protection over this huge Governmental transference of location and indeed alignment—from one joined with other nations counter to God’s word regarding His plans and purposes for Israel and the Nations—to one “in line” with His place for blessing and favor.

* For Guatemala to come into her new place in relation to Israel, Jerusalem—and the God whose Son will reign from the Mountain in her midst. Pray for other nations to come into God’s alignment with the place which is the foot of His Throne.

* That any mistakes and “glitches” in ceremonies and in the implementing of this move would be covered over in God’s grace.

* Protection physically and spiritually for President Trump and Vice President Pence, for Jared Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump Kushner, and US Sec. of Treasury Steven Mnuchin who are leading the delegation here to effect the transfer. Pray a “rear guard” over all involved in bringing this into being.

* For the hundreds of believers who are here in Jerusalem this week to pray—regarding the 70th Anniversary and the Embassy transfer—that God lead and guide them with His Spirit in releasing praises and thanksgiving which give Him honor, and petitions, prayers and declarations strategic, powerful and effective during this critically important week.

* Monday and Tuesday May 14 and 15: Naqba – This word in Arabic means “catastrophe”—it is applied by Palestinians to May 15th, the day (Gregorian calendar), following that on which Israel declared independence in 1948. It was inaugurated by Yasser Arafat in 1998 as a day for Palestinian demonstrations against what they see as displacement from their property in 1948. The demonstrations are generally held at the internationally recognized borders of Israel and have often been characterized by violent attempts to break through the borders into Israel.

In June 2007, two years after Israel removed its military and civilian presence from the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) forcibly overthrew other parties in the elected government of the Strip, murdering or torturing hundreds of those in the opposition party Fatah, and taking control. The charter of Hamas, which calls for the Muslim retaking of all of “Palestine”, has never been revoked. After the takeover, both Israel and Egypt participated in an embargo to keep advanced weapons from being smuggled into the Strip from Iran and other radical Islamist regimes. However, Israel has consistently allowed each week tons of humanitarian materials and food to be allowed into the Strip, and it controls the electricity and fuel used there. Hamas, which continues to show no regard for the welfare of the Arab people under its rule, has consistently diverted these humanitarian and building materials from getting to the people at large, instead using them to strengthen its military aims against the Jewish State. It frequently uses the young people as human shields, and heavily populated areas as bases for its rocket launchers.

For the last seven weeks Hamas has stirred up the people in Gaza to participate each Friday in a violent “March of Return”, with thousands camping at the borders and approaching the fence marking the border with Israel. The Palestinians (mostly young people) have hurled stones and fire bombs and in many cases attempted to breach the fence. In some cases, little children have been sent to the border. In recent weeks, fire bombs have been sent across the border in balloons or kites, rigged to explode and fall on the ripe Israeli wheat fields. Already tens of thousands of dollars-worth of crops have been destroyed. Israeli security forces have attempted to use non-lethal ways to keep the rioters from crossing the border, but already dozens of Palestinians have been killed and many hundreds wounded. This past Friday night, some 200 Palestinians broke into the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing, a gate through which hundreds of trucks travel daily bringing food and medical equipment into Gaza, and set alight the Strip’s only fuel terminal. Now Gazans a will be without fuel for weeks because of the violence done them by their own people.

The organizers of the “March of Return” have all along pointed towards its culmination being the day when the U.S. officially moves its Embassy to Jerusalem. Thus, Naqba this year is planned to include two days, May 14th when the Embassy moves, and May 15th the usual day. They are hoping for over 100,000 demonstrators to arrive at far more locations than in previous weeks, and to succeed in breaching the borders. Israel has dropped thousands of leaflets into Gaza, urging residents against approaching the security fence, attempting to sabotage it or to carry out terror attacks:

“Hamas is trying to hide its many failures by endangering your lives. At the same time, Hamas is stealing your money and using it to dig tunnels [i.e. for terrorist incursions into Israel] at your expense. Don’t be puppets in the hands of Hamas. You deserve a better government and a better future. The IDF is warning you against approaching the security fence. Do not approach the security fence and do not participate in Hamas’s life- threatening farce.” 1)

Yet the spirit of hatred and cruel violence which rules and controls these people (actually called “sinat-hamas” in Psalm 25:19), hates these very people it controls (who are made in the image of the God of Heaven) and feeds upon their suffering, even as it drives them to hate the people who are called by His Name.

May 15th is the beginning of the 3rd Hebrew Month (Sivan). This year it also marks the beginning of the Islamic holy fasting month of Ramadan.


* God’s protection over Israel and her borders. His guidance of life for her during the new month.

* Calmness, alertness, self-control for the Israeli troops protecting the borders.

* That the destroyer will be held back from the Palestinian youth in Gaza.

* That the power of Hamas in the Gaza Strip will be broken and its people set free to seek the true God. Zechariah 9:5-7 promises a day when that leader’s power will be broken, the blood will be removed from the people’s mouth, and a remnant will become “like a clan of Judah” before God.

* That the plans of the enemy during this Ramadan will be thwarted—that thousands of Muslims around the world will have their vision cleansed and clarified—and call on the One whose Name is above all Names—and filled with forgiveness, mercy, and Life!

1) “Ahead of planned mass riots, Israel warns Gazans: ‘Don’t be Hamas’s puppets’: The Times of Israel, 14 May 2018 9:42 IST

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