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March 6, 2018

We are in a season of “gates” being opened in the Spirit here in Israel (The present Hebrew year ends in the Hebrew letter “het”, which often symbolizes a door or gate). We sensed these gates beginning to open last fall when a remnant of the believing leadership here in Israel “took its place” in hosting a delegation of over 800 from the far islands of the world who desired to gather in Israel, joining with their “elder brothers and sisters” to welcome the King of Glory for his imminent return to Zion. We believe another gate was opened when earlier this year women from around the nation gathered at Magdala on the Sea of Galilee, in a call for the Daughter of Zion to rise in hope and take her place in the Land. This past Wednesday, many Messianic Jewish leaders gathered during the “Fast of Esther” in a solemn assembly in Jerusalem with a desire to “remove the stones…clear the way for the people to go through the gates” (Isaiah 62:10), chief among these “stones” being the reproach of Israel having denied the coming of her Messiah and turned His name into a curse. Even as the prophet Daniel, as the 70th year of Israel’s captivity was approaching, stood before God confessing the sins and reproach of his people, with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth approaching, these men and women stood united in Jerusalem, confessing the sin of rejecting the coming of the Holy One, and crying out for mercy, redemption…that the reproach be in mercy be removed, and a way opened for the Words of salvation, redemption and restoration to be activated among our people Israel. We believe this gathering to have been of historical importance…that another gate has opened. And we see each of these gates as necessary and opening the way for the next.

A recent prophetic Word which resonates with us regards another gate beginning to open—a gate of revelation and activation of the prophecies in Ezekiel 36. We expect to return much to this in future Updates. This amazing chapter deals with the “Mountains of Israel”, which is geographically Judea-Jerusalem-Samaria, more commonly known in the nations as the “West Bank”. It is in this area that God has declared He will deal severely with nations which have called for it to become an “inheritance” of peoples other than those to whom He has bequeathed it by covenant. It is here that He has promised to bring back from the nations and to plant the descendants of Israel (Jacob); it is here that they will be convicted of their sin, that they will be sprinkled with clean water and have their hearts softened to know Who is their true Lord and God. Yet, how could this begin to take place if a remnant of this people have not come before God to confess their people’s sin, to call for mercy and for the way to be reopened? And a remnant from the Nations willing to enter with us into travail that this new may come forth?


* That God will continue to open His way of redemption and restoration for His people in Israel…and the way for His Son’s return.

* That the Body of Messiah in the Land will in humility and unity hear and follow what the Spirit is saying to the congregations.

* Read through Ezekiel 36 (We find it remarkable that this chapter happens to be the special reading from the Prophets in this week’s Parashah!). Ask God to open understanding and guidance in how to intercede for God’s Kingdom to come in Israel and the world through activation in the timing of God of the prophesied truths recorded there.

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