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January 29, 2018

Daughters of Zion Conference

Paper cut-out commemorating the conference. In English it reads, “‘Sing for joy and be glad, O Daughter of Zion; for Behold, I am coming and I will dwell in your midst!’ says the LORD.”
Zechariah 2:10 (Hebrew: 2:14)

We are so grateful for the prayers of our readers for the Bat Zion—“Daughter of Zion” Conference which took place at Magdala on the Sea of Galilee this past Friday and Saturday. 170 women “from Dan to Beersheva” attended this gathering, far more than we had originally expected!

From the time the intercessors arrived on Thursday until the last participant left late Saturday afternoon, there was a strong Presence of the Lord in our midst. There were intimate times of corporate praise and worship, deep and insightful sharing and teaching, as well as rich times of fellowship between women from all over the land. The theme was ‘Hope for the Daughters of Zion’, and although we touched on difficult issues—personal pain and loss, physical and spiritual barrenness, the Holocaust and its impact on families, grief and suffering—in all these things, the Spirit was releasing healing and restoration, and we can clearly say that these daughters left with hearts filled with Hope!

Three male pastors attended the opening session in order to release their blessing over the women. There was such support from congregations around the land! A Russian-speaking congregation in Sderot actually changed the day of their regular Shabbat meeting to enable all the women who wished to attend the conference. Many of the younger women, who comprised at least half of the group, shared that they had never before participated in a women’s meeting. Many, many are already asking when the next one will be! (So we are now praying about next year and looking for a larger venue.)

We so Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! And thank you again for your prayers!! The Holy Spirit really carried this! It is interesting that the leaders, speakers and worship leaders, rather then being in a state of exhaustion, left feeling refreshed and encouraged!


* That what the Lord has worked in these Daughters of Zion will be protected, will blossom and grow.
* That the doors which He is opening over women in Israel will remain open and many will pass through into the place He has for them.
* That the army of women (Psalm 68:11) to whom He has released His word will have grace and strength in hearing what He is saying and proclaiming the good tidings!
* That there be divine protection over all who prepared and took part in leading this special gathering—that they be restored and God’s blessing and vision rest upon them.

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