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December 17, 2018

Hanukkah Menorah Israel

And You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel!
(Psalm 22:3)

Sing for joy in the LORD, O you righteous ones;
To those whose way is straight, Praise is a pleasant thing!
Give thanks to the LORD with the stringed instrument
With a harp of ten strings, play to Him
Sing to Him a new song
Play your instrument with skillfully
With a shout of Joy!
(Psalm 33:1-3)

We have written in past Updates of the wonderful youth worship camps which have arisen in Jerusalem in recent years. Known as Dor Haba—“Coming Generation,” these training gatherings, sponsored by Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, and under the senior oversight of Tal Bethany Ridings, have captured the imagination of believing Jewish and Arab youth in Israel. Each summer there is an extended camp in which young people from around the land and in Judea and Samaria come together to be tutored in their musical gifts and talents by believing musicians and worship leaders (Israeli and from the Nations), and trained in how to nourish and guard those gifts for their purposes in bringing glory and honour to God. This past year, there were also shorter gatherings across Israel. The next large one will be in late June and early July.

We are not talking about music instruction for mere entertainment, or self-gratification. Satan would like to steal the glory from those whom God has gifted as worshipers. He knows that minstrels and instrumentalists whose hearts are set on developing their gifts so as to lift up praise, worship, thanksgiving, intercession to the God of Israel and His Messiah Yeshua—that they will awaken and lead a greater army in Israel in praise which drives out darkness, releases angels, and makes a pathway for the Holy Spirit into hearts throughout the Land, turning them towards God. It is a crucial, critically important part of the war, training these young Davids, Asaphs, Ethans, Miriams—how to release praise, how, as Asaph did, to prophecy on their instruments as well as through their voices. Below is a report in English by Tal on a short Dor Haba which was held in Tel Aviv two weeks ago during Hanukkah.


Hey Friends,

Last week we met in Tel Aviv for two days of fun, music, teaching, song-writing and playing on worship teams!

We limited the number of students to 30 teenagers between the ages of 13-19, most who already play or sing on a worship team for their congregation, youth group or local House of Prayer. Our desire was to encourage them to use their gifts and talents for the Lord and to use music as a tool to be a blessing to the body of Messiah and a light in the world.

There were all kinds of practical workshops related to worship: “How to prepare for a worship and prayer set,” “Sensitivity to One Another in our Playing,” “The flow of Worship,” “Different Styles of Music, “How to Arrange a Song on a Team,” and “Song-writing from the Scriptures and Spontaneous Worship.”

There were group instrument and voice classes.

After every workshop, the students split into 3 worship teams and would work on what they just learned; for example, arranging a song in a certain style, writing a song from Scripture, or working on the flow between songs and how to incorporate scripture and prayer into it.

Every team prepared and led a time of worship during these two days together. Every team also prepared a special song and presented it to the group. One team even wrote a full song in Hebrew with a rap for the verses that was about overcoming difficulties at school with God’s help and a chorus that sang, “How good is your grace (3x) to me.”

The first evening, there was an “Open Mic”…in the Coffee House of Tiferet Yeshua congregation. It was beautiful to see hidden talents pop up from nowhere. Several people sang really catchy and original songs they had written. Others sang covers with beautiful harmonies. We had a really fun and relaxed time. One can say that we all left that night knowing everyone a little better!

On the last night we had a worship night with Rivka Wagner and Shiloh Ben Hod and another mixed Hebrew-Arabic worship team that included our friends who came from Bethlehem. Tamar Efriat from Tiferet Yeshua gave a very good and challenging message. After a time of prayer over each other (Arabs for Jewish believers and vice versa), we finished the evening with a joyful time of worship and dancing together before the Lord.

A big thank you to all who came and contributed to these two days. We hope to see you all at the Dor Haba camp this summer in 2019 (June 29-July 3)!!

Tal Rosenfeld
Dor Haba



* That young believing Jews and Arabs in Israel and the Territories will have their spirits drawn to love and adore their Lord—and to develop and dedicate their talents and skills for His glory.

* That those who attended the recent Hanukkah camp will apply what they learned—offering their gifts up in worship and praise to the Lord, with or without an audience.

* That older, skilled Israeli worship leaders and instrumentalists will receive and develop teaching insight, that they will have hearts for “passing on” what the Spirit has taught them.

* For protection for those who taught during the last gathering.

* For grace over the senior leaders of Dor Haba—wisdom and insight in becoming aware of and indeed watching over the rising army of worship leaders, prophetic minstrels and instrumentalists in the land.

* For congregational and worship leaders in Israeli congregations to recognize and shepherd wisely those releasing the new sounds and expressions of worship which God is bringing forth for His Body in Israel.

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