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April 29, 2019

PASSOVER 2019/5779

Anti Semitic Cartoon from the New York Times



This past Thursday, as Passover was drawing to its close, the New York Times published in its international print edition the above cartoon depicting a “blind” President Trump wearing a kippa (observant Jewish head-covering) and being led by a dog bearing facial features of Israeil Prime Minister Netanyahu, a Star of David hanging from its collar. This shocking caricature does not merely suggest that the American president is being manipulated by Mr. Netanyahu. By placing a Jewish religious symbol on Mr. Trump and the symbol of Israel as a people and nation on the Israeli prime minister, the cartoon epitomizes an ancient anti-Semitic “trope”— that the Jewish race and religion is out to deceive and dominate the other peoples of the world. Such conspiracy theories against the Jews are not new. The notorious fabrication Protocols of the Elders of Zion laying out a purported plan for world-domination by the Jews, was first printed in Russia in the early 20th Century. Although repeatedly proven to be a forgery, it has continued to be resurrected so as to fan the flames of Jew hatred, from the days of Hitler, when its use was required by teachers of children in Nazi schools, to the 2001 UN-sponsored World Conference against Racism in Durban, when copies were alleged to have been distributed by the Palestinian Solidarity Committee of South Africa. The anti-Semitic myth that Jews are in control of the world money and banks, and that Judaism has a goal of controlling the world is still very much with us today. And by publishing a cartoon depicting Jews as dogs, the NY Times suggested legitimacy for another Jew-hating system. Citing Islamist ideology which considers Jews as offspring of monkeys, pigs and dogs, Australian-Iranian Imam Mohamad Tawhidi on Saturday suggested that the Times has “served to advance the global jihad agenda. (1.

Writing this morning (Sunday) in ynet.news, Ben-Dror Yemini observed,

That caricature is worth a thousand words. The rhetoric of the likes of Ku Klux Klan and far-right anti-Semites is beautifully conveyed by the caricature published in one of the world’s most liberal newspapers. That caricature erased the differences not only between anti-Zionism andante-Semitism but between the philosophies of the extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing as well. (2.

This was graphically exemplified in a “manifesto” published on Twitter by a far-right gunman shortly before entering a synagogue in Poway, California Saturday on the last day of Passover, murdering a woman and injuring several others including a child. In his manifesto, the alleged killer blamed “international Jewry” for the murder of Christ, and for taking control of the media and the economy. Ironically, this same “media” had just been used to send forth a message to millions that the Jews are through their religion guiding world-leaders blindly into deception. On Sunday, Vice President Pence blasted the Times. In response to its acknowledgment of an “error of judgment”, he stated, “We stand with Israel and we condemn antisemitism in ALL its forms, including “nytimes political cartoons!” Through Sunday morning, the Times did not explicitly apologize for publishing the cartoon; rather, it retracted it, and on its Twitter page acknowledged that it “included anti-Semitic tropes—The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it.” Finally, later that day it wrote, “We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic political cartoon last Thursday…”, blaming its publication on an improperly supervised editor. In an opinion piece on Sunday, columnist Bret Stephens wrote,

“Here was an image that, in another age, might have been published in the pages of Der Sturmer” [a Nazi propaganda publication]. “The Jew in the form of a dog. The small but wily Jew leading the dumb and trusting American. The hated Trump being Judaized with a skullcap.” Stephens attributed publication of the cartoon to the “almost torrential criticism of Israel and the mainstreaming of anti-Zionism” by the Times and others, warning that as long as “anti-Semitic arguments or images are framed… as commentary about Israel, there will be a tendency to view them as a form of political opinion, not ethnic prejudice.” (3.

There is something else we see reflected in the message and publication of this cartoon. God has promised blessing to those who bless the descendants of Abraham, and that in those descendants nations will themselves find blessing (Genesis 12:3; 22:18). However, there is a war in the heavenlies over that promise. The powers of darkness do not want nations to come into their own redemptive purposes; and although the blessings will come, there is a price to pay in standing with Israel. Those who align themselves with her will also find themselves aligned against her enemies. By declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital, by moving the US Embassy there, by declaring the Golan Heights to be Israeli territory President Trump has certainly blessed Israel. For so doing he is now being depicted in the international community as a dupe, led blindly on by the powers of Zionism. Similarly, earlier this year Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro, an outspoken supporter of Israel, was depicted in a cartoon in a Brazilian newspaper with his arms entertwined with those of Prime Minister Netanyahu in the shape of a swastika.

In early September 2001, we watched as US President George W. Bush addressed the world on the US’s decision to pull out of the World Conference against Racism in Durban S. Africa due to the flagrant anti-Israel bias. We remember it catching our notice that behind the President on one side was a U.S. flag, on the other an Israeli flag, a portrait of alliance we’d never witnessed before. Three days later planes of a radically anti-Israel sect of Islam crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in New York. Of course, the attack had been in preparation for months. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of incidents was plain—those who move into alliance with God’s covenant people will find that their (and God’s) enemies have now become their own. BUT IF THEY PERSEVERE, HE WHO WATCHES OVER ISRAEL WILL ALSO WATCH OVER HER FRIENDS.


* That public and governmental outcry against pernicious publications such as the anti-Semitic cartoon in the NY Times will be so strong that they and other media in the U.S. will be forced to refrain from sanctioning them.

* That those nations which are moving towards allying with God’s purposes for Israel will be encouraged to do so. That intercessors of those nations will come into unity in praying that their leaders be not daunted leading them in a direction of blessing.

* That as ancient anti-Semitism has cloaked itself in intellectual circles as “anti-Zionism”, an awakening will take place among Believers that God has Himself promised to again bless and bring comfort to Zion. That in blessing Zion, we are blessing the destinies of the very locales within which we live!

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