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On January 1, 2020 MJBI became Gateway Center for Israel! Watch videos and read about this historic transition.

to Gateway Center for Israel

By giving to Gateway Center for Israel, you’re investing in the new future of MJBI – to equip church leaders with a Biblical, healthy understanding of Israel.

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If you have any further, specific questions, please consult our FAQ Page. Or contact us directly at info@gatewaycenterforisrael.com.

“Years ago, the Lord said to me ‘I want you to teach the Gentile church to love Israel. I gave you this platform, it’s a worldwide platform, and I want you to stand on that platform and shout “To The Jew First”! Gateway Center for Israel is our effort to be an example, explain the Scriptures and see Gentile churches love Israel in a new way.”
Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church