What Will the Gateway Center for Israel Do?

By Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO
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Posted in Featured Articles on October 15, 2019

Hi Friends!

As you’ve likely now read, watched, or heard, MJBI is becoming the Gateway Center for Israel on January 1, 2020. Though the organizational “body” of MJBI is concluding, our heart and soul will live on with even greater impact!

The mission of the Gateway Center for Israel is to change the way the Church thinks about and engages with Israel. Ultimately, we want to inspire the entire global Church to a sincere, biblical love for Israel and the Jewish people. We believe this is exactly what the Apostle Paul was exhorting the Gentile church to do when he wrote the book of Romans.

Our strategic plan is to:

Reclaim a right understanding of Israel within the Church

Advance the Good News “to the Jew first”

Reshape the way Jewish people view the Church

In light of this, many of you have been asking us how these three core strategies will be executed, and what the Center will be doing in 2020 and beyond. I am excited to share this with you today!

To change the way the Church thinks about Israel, we have to change the way pastors think about Israel. We will do this through relational education. Nothing of lasting value in the Kingdom of God can happen outside of healthy relationships. Impactful education and empowerment is the most effective when it is accomplished relationally.

For 2020, we are planning six specific programs to “Reclaim, Advance and Reshape.” Three are relationally anchored and three are educationally anchored:

1. Israel Trips

We’ll take pastors and leaders to the Land of Israel, introducing them to this miraculous land of promise and covenant. There’s no better place to develop a biblical, sincere love for Israel than IN Israel itself!

2. Israel Weekends

We’ll host two- to three-day gatherings for pastors at Gateway Church, teaching them healthy theology on Israel and practical ideas for Jewish ministry in their communities. They will experience Gateway’s First Friday Shabbat service, as well as a Shabbat service at a local Messianic Synagogue.

3. Events

Many of you experienced our inspiring “Love Israel” evening on September 10, and we’re planning on replicating this in the future. Our hope is to scale this kind of event to other cities in America, possibly even internationally! Additionally, we’ve already received requests from the Jewish community to take part in events with them in an effort to continue strengthening Christian support of Israel. Very exciting!

4. Global Roundtables

Just as we have done for many years at MJBI, we’ll have international roundtables for pastors and leaders to learn more about Israel and Jewish ministry. These will be for key church leaders who are building Jewish ministries in their communities. We’ve recently been doing this in France, Japan, Poland, and Switzerland, and will continue expanding our reach.

5. Online Resources

One of the major reasons pastors aren’t sure what to think about Israel is because there are so few trustworthy, healthy online resources for them to consume. We’re going to change that. In 2020, we’re investing a large amount of time and resources to build a new online resource library, giving church leaders access to short, informative videos ranging from theology to practical Jewish ministry to modern Israel topics.

6. The King’s University (TKU) partnership

We are SO excited to partner with TKU to build out new seminary education options centered around Israel. In February 2020, we’re planning to film a Biblical Geography course in Israel, which will later be offered in TKU’s new online certification school. As 2020 progresses, we’ll continue evaluating new ways to work with TKU to create the world’s foremost seminary programs for Evangelical leaders to learn about Israel.

As you can see, we’re not short on vision for this new center! We want to change the way the Church thinks about Israel, and this is how we plan on beginning that process.

I want to encourage you to connect with us so that you can receive updates as we begin these new initiatives. Visit CenterForIsrael.com and join our e-mail list to receive this information.

Lastly, we want to sincerely ask you for your prayers as we continue planning our January 1, 2020 launch. These six programs listed above are not set in stone, so we continue to need the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we plan this new endeavor.

If you have any other questions, please write and let us know! We’re happy to answer them, however we can!

May the God of Israel richly bless you!

Nic Lesmeister

Nic LesmeisterNic Lesmeister
President & CEO

PS: if you have more questions about MJBI’s future, please read over our Frequently Asked Questions.