Here is What We Did in Europe With Your Help

By Nic Lesmeister
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Posted in Featured Articles, Latest News, on March 28, 2019

Watch this video of Nic Lesmeister teaching about the Jewishness of Messiah Yeshua in Marseilles, France, during our recent ministry trip in Europe.

Howdy, Friends!

It is always a joy to be back on Texas soil after a fantastic, fruitful ministry trip abroad. Sam Arnaud (MJBI’s Executive Manager and my couldn’t-do-it-without-him, right-hand man) and I just returned from a packed week in Western Europe.

In the fall of 2016, on a hotel balcony overlooking the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Wayne Wilks and I felt strongly from the Lord that a new wave of Jewish ministry was beginning to stir in Europe. After all, Europe is home to more Jewish people than any other place besides Israel and America! Less than three years later, we are seeing this budding revival emerge right in front of our eyes.

MJBI was founded in Europe in 1996, as many new Messianic ministries and leaders were being launched to respond to one of the greatest waves of Jewish profession of faith in Jesus (Yeshua) in history. At that time, our focus was entirely on building the blossoming Messianic movement. Today, however, we are seeing a staggering number of Gentile Christian pastors responding to a call from God to do their part in provoking all Israel to love for their Messiah, Yeshua (Rom. 11:11).

Building beyond our flagship training school in Odessa, Ukraine, we have been working on launching new training for Jewish outreach in Hungary, Poland, France, Switzerland, and now possibly the United Kingdom.

In Vevey, Switzerland (headquarters of the giant company, Nestlé), Dr. Ray Gannon, Dr. David Rudolph (TKU), and I hosted a three-day seminar called, “Messianic Jews and the Church.” Nestled in the Swiss Alps, we educated many influential French-speaking pastors, ministry leaders, and professors on the campus of a new, cutting edge seminary. Our organizing professor, Dr. David Bouillon, agreed with us that this was a historic conference for French-speaking Europe. My deepest thanks to Drs. Gannon, Rudolph, and Bouillon for their excellent contributions!

MJBI board member Dr. David Rudolph teaches a session at the “Messianic Jews and the Church” seminar


From Vevey, Sam and I drove south to Marseille, France, where we ministered with our dear friends, Björn and Brita Lütke, founders of EPP Church. It has been almost two years since they began holding a once-a-month Shabbat service as an outreach to the over 100,000 Jewish people living in Marseille. They also kindly allowed me to teach a seminar and Sunday sermon on, “Yeshua in the Old Testament.” We had an amazing time training their church and planning for even more training for their numerous church-plant leaders all over Western Europe.

Sam and Nic pose with Björn and Brita Lütke, founders of EPP Church in Marseille, France.

Our final evening in Europe had Sam and I overnighting in London on a long layover back to Dallas. To our great joy and surprise, we ended up connecting with the pastor of a very large, growing church in London. As new MJBI donors, they told us of their great love for ministry to the Jewish people and how badly they need training materials for their church leaders and members. Over an excellent Indian food dinner, we spent hours discussing how we could help them impact London’s Jewish community with the love of Yeshua. What an amazing, unplanned surprise on the final evening of our trip!

Friends, without you, how could we have done any of this? Airfares, hotel stays, and conferences are not free or cheap. Your incredible generosity to MJBI sends us around the world to be ambassadors for ministry to the Jewish people. Over the past week, Sam and I had the great joy of repeatedly hearing, “MJBI is an answer to our long-time prayers to God to help us reach our Jewish communities,” in Switzerland, France, and even London.

Please know that it is YOUR seed, sown in faith to MJBI, that is changing the lives of pastoral leaders, church communities, and entire cities. I wish we could charter a Boeing 777 to bring you along to see the astonishing Kingdom fruit that your donations are producing.

We know that one day, as Paul promises in Romans 11:26, “All Israel WILL be saved.” Through your prayers and financial support, we’re getting closer to this promise becoming a reality—one trip, one pastor, one Jewish community, one nation at a time.

With the greatest thanks to Yeshua and you,


Nic Lesmeister

Nic LesmeisterNic Lesmeister
President & CEO