My Name is Godwill Siringwani

March 2019

By MJBI Staff
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“I am an MJBI School of Messianic Theology (SMT) graduate and a KADIMA student. As a member of the Zimbabwe Jewish Lemba tribe, I am one of the Chosen People of God. Connecting my faith to my Jewish roots makes me feel fulfilled, and gives me a burden to show my people the loving side of Yeshua.”

Godwill Siringwani is just one of 30 Jewish Lemba leaders in Zimbabwe that are being trained and equipped for ministry through our KADIMA college program. These leaders:

  • With the assistance of Jewish Voice International, these leaders have already planted nearly 100 Messianic congregations in the past six years.
  • The Lemba KADIMA students will graduate in September 2020, speaking fluent Hebrew, and will be some of the best-trained leaders for Jewish ministry anywhere in the world.
  • Just this month, another 138 MJBI Zimbabwe students graduated from our foundational SMT Talmid class. This brings the total number of Talmid graduates to just over 500 since 2014.

Head over to these links to learn more:

  • Discover a fascinating video about the African Lemba tribe, and how genetic testing demonstrated their migration from ancient Israel and the authenticity of their long-kept Jewish traditions.
  • Hear the details of Godwill’s inspiring personal story.
  • See how you are helping equip leaders for Jewish ministry in Zimbabwe.

In the past 10 years, there has been a major revival within the lost and scattered African Jewish tribes, bringing fulfillment to God’s Word. Your investment in MJBI is producing leaders who are advancing this explosive Kingdom revival and creating lasting fruit for years to come!


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Pray with us:

Lift up the upcoming national elections in Israel April 9, especially that the Lord will raise up the exact person to be the next Prime Minister.

Also in April, Nic Lesmeister will be speaking in Warsaw, Poland and attending meetings for the TJCII (Toward Jerusalem Council II). Agree with us for safe travels and a powerful move of God during his trip!

As Pesach (Passover) approaches April 20-27, pray for Jewish people all over the world to receive the revelation that Yeshua came as the perfect Passover Lamb, and was sacrificed to take away their sin once and for all!