Wow! What an Impact in Japan!

By Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO
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Posted in Featured Articles, Newsletter, on February 17, 2019

Konichiwa, friends!

Tabatha and I just returned from an incredible trip to Japan. We traveled alongside Dr. Wayne Wilks to participate in a large conference on Israel and the Church for nearly 600 pastors and leaders of the Japanese Body of Messiah.

Many of you may recall the powerful testimony of our previous trip to Japan in March 2017. It was there that our close friend, Pastor Steven Kaylor of Hope Church in Tokyo, wrote his church’s first paper check to MJBI in an offering “to the Jew first.”

Ever since those seeds were sown two years ago, Hope Church has been immersed in understanding the importance of ministry to the Jewish people. And this year, Hope Church was tasked with organizing the 54th annual Japan Pentecostal Fellowship (JPF) gathering, which took place in the town of Hamamatsu, just three hours south of Tokyo.

Wayne and I spoke at the Sunday morning service for Hope Church, where nearly 400 believers gather to worship each weekend. With only 140,000 Christians in all of Japan (a country with a population of 140 MILLION), having that high of an attendance number would be proportionate to around 230,000 in America!

After a day of resting in Tokyo, we took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) at nearly 200 mph to Hamamatsu, where the JPF conference ran from Tuesday to Friday. We were joined there by Israeli Messianic leaders Asher Intrater, Israel Pochtar, Ariel Blumenthal, and David & Victoria Trubek.

For three full days, we all took turns teaching on the importance of Israel, the identity of both Israel and the Church in Messiah Yeshua, and Paul’s blueprint of revival for the nations, which is laid out in Romans 11:15. I cannot tell you how many pastors came up to Wayne, myself, and the others thanking us for this fresh revelation, which most had never heard.

We were able to clearly teach the Bible from a faithful, Messianic perspective, and show these heroic Japanese pastors how faithful God has been to Israel, and to the Messianic Jewish remnant of Israel. Each night we worshiped and prayed for revival to sweep across Japan, knowing that as the Jewish people turn to Yeshua, great revival will come to the nations!

One of the pastors in attendance leads a megachurch of 800 in Tokyo and has planted 19 related churches all over Japan. He informed me that he had just finished enrolling in The King’s University Messianic Studies Doctoral program, which MJBI helped to start years ago. Wow!

Something truly special is happening in Japan. I believe this is a first-fruits of what God will continue to do in many other nations around the world. Leaders in the church are being awakened to this message of “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16), and MJBI is there to help train them with proper theology and teaching.

I hope you can see how incredibly fruitful your partnership is with us at MJBI. Without your gifts and support, we would not be able to travel the world to inspire so many leaders to bring the love of Yeshua to the Jewish people, and beyond. Together, we are repelling the erroneous teaching of replacement theology and bringing a correct, biblical understanding to influential church leaders all across the world.

As we see the Gospel coming back to the Jewish people more strongly than ever in the past 2000 years, we will see an incredible revival in the nations of the earth. Thank you for being a revivalist with us!

May God richly bless you for helping us take the Gospel “to the Jew first…and then to the nations!”

Nic LesmeisterNic Lesmeister
President & CEO