Godwill Siringwani

Student at Kadima

By MJBI Staff
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Posted in Featured Articles, Latest News, on December 19, 2018

Godwill Siringwani

Godwill Siringwani is one of 30 Jewish Lemba leaders that are being trained and equipped for ministry through our KADIMA college program in Zimbabwe. These leaders have collectively planted almost 100 Messianic congregations in the past 6 years! With the formal education they receive through your support, their impact and influence will continue to increase.

MJBI is transforming lives all around the world by equipping leaders like Godwill Siringwani, but we need your help to raise the rest of our goal of $225,000 before the end of the year. Please consider joining us in our mission to fulfill the great commission. Your gift will not just change the life of a student this year, it will equip a leader to impact their community for the rest of their life!

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