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By Ron Cantor - Communications Director for Tikkun Global
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Posted in UncategorizedZealous Magazine on September 22, 2018

THREE LEADERS GATHERED together in the early 1980s. Eitan Shiskoff and Asher Intrater, while waiting for Dan Juster, began to think out loud, wondering if they could have more of an impact (bigger ministries!) if the three went their separate ways. They quickly realized that the conversation was based on disappointments, and their thinking was in fact carnal. Indeed, it is easier to be a one man show than to work as a team with mutual respect and submission. But the fruit is greater as a team. Out of that, Tikkun Global was born, and the commitment to team ministry, while tested over and over again, has remained till this day.

The fruit that has come out of that friendship between Dan, Asher, and Eitan, plus Paul Wilbur, and then Michael Brown, David C. Rudolph, and Don Finto, has extended to every continent of the world. Spiritual sons and daughters are based all over the world. At our heart, we are a family of congregations, ministries, and leaders dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. Our leadership, which has now expanded to include several younger leaders in Israel, seeks to support, strengthen, and serve the Tikkun Global family.

We seek to walk in covenantal relationships and mutual accountability, networking with many ministries to see Yeshua’s Great Commission fulfilled and to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom both in Israel and the nations – eagerly looking toward His Second Coming and the full establishing of the Kingdom.

We believe that God wants to raise up more apostolic networks in the Messianic world, even as He has in the larger Gentile world. Ministry is best when all the fivefold ministry gifts are represented.

In addition, we seek to connect with like-minded ministries and networks. In 2018, we hosted our first Alignment Roundtable in Jerusalem, with leaders from over a dozen nations. We have made a real commitment to strengthen the body via media. We have written over 30 books, developed a brand new multimedia website,, and our affiliated ministries continue to send out teams to minister all over the world.

The Tikkun America network has nearly thirty congregations and ministries, and Tikkun Israel is made up of eight congregations and several other ministries.

– RON CANTOR is the Communications Director for Tikkun Global. Ron also serves as an evangelist at Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv, where he lives with his wife, Elana. To learn more information about Tikkun Global, visit