For Zion’s Sake – Fall 2018

By Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO
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Posted in Zealous Magazine on September 22, 2018

May 14, 2018, was a day that will forever be etched into the halls of history. It was the calendar anniversary of Israel’s 70th year as a modern nation state, as well as the opening of the new United States Embassy within the city of Jerusalem.

These events have followers of Yeshua (Jesus) all over the world wondering, “What does all this mean?” Perhaps you have been wondering this, too.

One of the most powerful qualities of the Bible is that it is a living, prophetic book. It tells us about the past but also instructs about the present and future. When we study it accurately, we can tune into ancient wisdom and revelation to see a picture of what God is doing in our day and beyond.

Our latest issue of Zealous Magazine aims to explore some of this revelation in a way that will inspire and empower you. In fact, we’re living in such a special year that we decided to add even more content to Zealous for this fall’s edition.

My feature article on Jerusalem will seek to unpack the prophetic elements of Isaiah 52, which I believe are being fulfilled today right in front of our eyes.

I’ll also introduce you more intimately to our very special guest for this November’s MJBI Banquet – former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
You’ll have a chance to get to know one of our MJBI Board members, Rabbi Ari Waldman. Our friend Ron Cantor also tells us about the work of Tikkun Global—one of the ministries that founded MJBI—in our Life from the Land feature.

My friend Joey Benami writes a very engaging piece on one of the most overlooked modern Jewish holidays, Simchat Torah (Joy of the Torah). In addition, we provide you with our annual Jewish Holiday Calendar for 2019, compiled and explained by our very own communications superstar, Tara Kieschnick.

As they say in Israel, “Yalla!” (Let’s go!)

For Zion’s Sake,

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Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO