The Increasingly Forgotten Jews

June 2018 Newsletter

By Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO
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Posted in Featured Articles, Latest News, Newsletter, on June 23, 2018

ISRAEL CERTAINLY CAPTURED MAJOR HEADLINES LAST MONTH. As the reborn State celebrated her 70th birthday, the United States opened our new embassy in the capital city of Jerusalem. The eyes of the nations were all upon Israel as this monumental achievement was finally accomplished.

At the MJBI offices, our staff watched the opening of the new embassy live from our conference room. This was the kind of day that many of our forefathers would have only dreamed to see in person! Jerusalem was finally recognized as the capital of the Jewish people by the world’s leading superpower.

In recent years, people from around the world have grown increasingly interested in Israel as a whole. Tourism to Israel has grown rapidly, and Christians are finally realizing that their Messiah is Jewish, leading them to a renewed study of the Jewishness of their own faith.

While the interest in Israel grows, there’s a group of Jewish people who are beginning to be overlooked by the average Christian lover of Israel: the Diaspora Jews.

Diaspora is a Greek word that literally means “scattering.” These are the Jewish people who are living outside of the Land of Israel, scattered all over the world. THEY MAKE UP 57% OF THE GLOBAL JEWISH POPULATION AND LIVE IN PLACES AS CLOSE AS DALLAS AND AS FAR AWAY AS ZIMBABWE.

The majority of the Diaspora Jews live in the United States (around 5.5 million), while the greater portion of others live in Europe or South America. At the beginning of the 20th Century, 75% of the world’s Jews lived in Europe. Anti-Semitism drove millions of them west, with most of them settling down in America.

The countries outside of America with the largest Diaspora Jewish populations are France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Argentina. Most of these groups exist as very small minorities in their host countries and live in tightly knit communities as a result.

God makes His eternal covenant promises to the Jewish people very clear throughout Scripture. They have been, are, and always will be His chosen group of people on the earth. It is important that today, 70 years after the restoration of the State of Israel, we remember that His covenants apply not to the modern, nation-state of Israel, but to the collective Jewish nation living inside the State of Israel AND to the other 57% of Jews living outside the Land, as well.

Millions of Jewish people have been regathered to the reborn State of Israel, but the majority remain biblically “in exile.” They, too, need the blessings and support of Christians. These communities are most often lacking true friends who support them and show them the love of Yeshua. They live in countries with high anti-Semitism (France) and struggling economies (Argentina).

AT MJBI, WE HAVE FOUND THAT THESE SCATTERED JEWISH COMMUNITIES ARE MORE OPEN TO BEFRIENDING BELIEVERS IN YESHUA THAN MOST ARE IN ISRAEL. We are seeing great fruit working amongst these communities all over the world, and your support makes a significant Kingdom difference as we minister to the many beloved Jewish brothers and sisters in the outskirts of the world.

Thank you for being someone who purposefully desires to bless ALL Israel by investing in trained leaders who share the love and hope of Yeshua with Jewish people in so many different countries across the globe.

The Kingdom return on your investment is so great amongst the Diaspora Jewish population. Will you pray about sowing a generous gift this month as we continue expanding our ministry to God’s chosen people in places like Argentina, France, Poland, and Ukraine? We truly need your support to continue sharing the love and hope of Messiah Yeshua with these scattered Jewish communities.

With sincere gratitude,

Nic LesmeisterNic Lesmeister
President & CEO

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  • Pray for our MJBI partners who are working tirelessly in the Diaspora to bless the Jewish people and educate the Church on God’s love of Israel.
  • Pray for peace in Israel as the Gaza conflict continues.
  • Pray for our summer session of Kadima in Zimbabwe, as Drs. Jeff and Barri Seif travel to teach for two weeks.
  • Pray for an increase in financial resources, as MJBI is expanding around the world.