For Zion’s Sake – Spring 2018

By Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO
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Posted in UncategorizedZealous Magazine on April 29, 2018

For a year between 2014-2015, my family and I lived in Israel. One weekend we decided to take a trip to the Galilee region in the north of Israel to take a break from the busy city life in Jerusalem.

As we drove towards the Sea of Galilee on a new, 4-lane highway very similar to our interstates in the United States, I began marveling at the fact that a nation that has fought in over 15 wars has been able to build such modern, reliable infrastructure for their citizens.

I began to think about all of the ways that Israel’s very existence truly is a miracle: the regathering of millions of Jews to her cities and mountaintops, the powerful start-up economy, and the countless breakthroughs in scientific advancements.

All of these things happened while ruthless enemies waged war and violence on them from just miles away; and, not to mention, while Israel absorbed millions of Jewish immigrants from over 40 different countries!

In this issue of Zealous, we celebrate 70 miraculous years of the restoration of the homeland of the Jewish people. We start with a very unique article by our friend Martin Sarvis who has lived in Jerusalem for nearly 20 years with his wife, Norma. I share perspectives on what makes Israel the “miraculous imperfection, ” and you’ll hear from my close friends at FIRM – Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries in our Life from the Land feature.

This is a special anniversary for the State of Israel, and we invite you to share in it from the comfort of your office, living room or wherever you may read this. And as you read, I hope you will be encouraged by the image of a faithful God, who never has or will abandon His Covenant People – whom you and I are grafted into through Yeshua the Messiah!

For Zion’s Sake,

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Nic Lesmeister, President and CEO