Life from the Land: FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries)

By Casey Tait, FIRM Director of Member Relations
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Posted in UncategorizedZealous Magazine on April 29, 2018

Israel is a miraculous testimony to the covenant faithfulness of God—the People of Hope restored to the Land of Hope.

“Out of them [the tents of Jacob] shall come songs of thanksgiving, and the voices of those who celebrate. I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will make them honored, and they shall not be small.” Jeremiah 30:19

At FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries), we celebrate the miraculous works of God among His people in Israel and desire to see a new generation of believers around the world join in that celebration through prayer, support, and service.

FIRM exists to ENGAGE Christians to love and support Israel; to CONNECT them with effective ministries in the Land; and to SERVE the local Body of Messiah in a spirit of unity.

How do we do this?

FIRM facilitates international events that teach Christians about what God is doing in Israel today. We intentionally develop relationships with pastors and leaders who can influence many to love and support Israel. We design media-based campaigns to highlight member ministries and inform believers about relevant Israel-related topics.

FIRM hosts local events and conferences that provide a platform for believers to interact with Israel-focused ministries. We facilitate connections between pastors, leaders, and member ministries based on shared vision and values, and strategize ways to highlight FIRM members locally and internationally.

Our heart is to serve. We aim to bless effective Israel-related ministries and promote fellowship, collaboration, and unity among the Body of Messiah. We champion and support member projects and endeavors, providing practical tools, finances, and resources to equip them for effective ministry.

FIRM stands with the Body of Messiah serving on the frontlines of Kingdom ministry in Israel. We celebrate freedom in Yeshua. We celebrate restoration of Jew and Gentile to the divine purpose of God. We celebrate exponential growth and health in the Body of Messiah and the increase of laborers for the harvest. We celebrate discipleship and outreach efforts, family ministry, humanitarian aid and social justice programs, teaching and resources, and the fresh hunger for the presence of God evident among local congregations.

Join with us as we ENGAGE, CONNECT, and SERVE the Body of Messiah together!

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