An African Miracle!

February 2018 Newsletter

By Nic Lesmeister
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Posted in Featured Articles, Newsletter, on February 14, 2018

All of us believe in miracles. The very fact that Yeshua (Jesus) rose from the grave and defeated sin and death is the greatest miracle of all, and one that each of us profess belief and faith in as His followers. But we also believe in a miracle-working God whose amazing power does not stop there!

A Lemba MJBI student worships during graduation.

Something I really love about being in Jewish ministry is being a part of so many miracles. The regathering of the Jewish people to Israel in 1948 is an amazing miracle, long promised in God’s Word. The subsequent revivals of Jewish people around the world acknowledging Yeshua as Israel’s Messiah is yet another miracle. 

But one miracle that stuns me more than most is the regathering of the lost and scattered communities of Jewish people around the world. The Prophet Jeremiah predicted this regathering thousands of years ago: 

“I will certainly bring my people back again from ALL the countries where I will scatter them in my fury. I will bring them back to this very city (Jerusalem) and let them live in peace and safety.” Jeremiah 32:37 NLT 

In 1975, the government of Israel officially recognized the long-lost Beta Israel Jewish community in Ethiopia and began bringing them home to Israel. Today, over 130,000 Ethiopian Jews live in the Promised Land. 

Jewish Voice and MJBI slowly began working in Ethiopia around 1999. We officially planted a school amongst the Ethiopian Jewish population in late 2007. Very few of these Ethiopian Jews embraced Yeshua at the time, and there was only one small Messianic Jewish congregation that we knew of. Ten years later, we have graduated over 750 Ethiopian Messianic Jews from our MJBI Bible schools and have helped Jewish Voice in planting 18 Messianic congregations. 

A “Talmid Alef” student receives her certificate from Dr. Ray Gannon, MJBI VP for Academic Affairs, Sam Arnaud, MJBI Executive Manager, and Tawanda Mzezewa, who serves as an MJBI national representative in Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, the Lemba Jewish Tribe was long-hidden. In the late 1990s, many Jewish researchers began visiting the community and started to verify their oral history, which told of how they left Israel and moved down into Zimbabwe. Again, Jewish Voice and MJBI partnered to start ministering to the Lemba, this time in 2012.

Like in Ethiopia, there were no Messianic congregations amongst the Lemba at the time. 

Today, there are 90 Messianic congregations in Zimbabwe! MJBI has graduated over 250 Bible school students, and we are currently training a select group of 30 Lemba leaders in our intensive, 3-year college program, Kadima. 

A large group shot of the recent MJBI “Talmid Alef” graduation held near Harare, Zimbabwe, with over 120 graduates in attendance.

We truly are living in prophetic, miraculous times, friends! God has been stirring a major revival within the lost and scattered African Jewish tribes, bringing fulfillment to His Word. Your investment in MJBI is producing leaders who are advancing this Kingdom revival, and creating lasting fruit for years to come. 

The regathering of Israel is a mighty miracle, but the salvation of Israel is even greater! You are a key partner with God in seeing these miracles continue. 

You have done so much to help us reach and bless Israel with Yeshua, and we cannot be more grateful. Would you help us continue this miraculous ministry with a generous financial gift? We truly need your help to continue reaching the House of Israel with the Good News of the Messiah. 

I pray as you partner with God’s ancient promises to reach and bless the Jewish people that you will see miracles happen in YOUR life today! 

Nic Lesmeister

Grateful for you, 

Nic Lesmeister Nic Lesmeister
President & CEO

Pray with Us

  • For continued salvations among the Jewish Lemba tribe
  • Increased discipleship among the Lemba as they spiritually and intellectually reconnect with their deep Jewish roots
  • For favor and blessings upon the Messianic leaders who are studying in the Zimbabwe Kadima academic program, many of whom travel great distances to attend
  • For the continued planning of our Warsaw, Poland seminary program
  • For wisdom to continue advancing in Latin America