3 Remarkable Opportunities for 2018

God has given us a unique vision, and we cannot
accomplish this without your help.

By Nic Lesmeister
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Posted in Newsletter on December 14, 2017

Shalom Friends,
The year 2017 is winding to a close, and we are so grateful for your support to advance our ministry to the Jewish people all over the world! We have been praying and seeking the Lord for His direction for 2018, and we feel that He has given us some really exciting new opportunities to pursue.

Did you know that there are over 400 million Spanish-speaking Christians? These fiery followers of Jesus have little credible access to any training or education about Israel and/or Jewish ministry.

Equally as stunning is the fact that 100 million Latin Americans have Jewish ancestry! In fact, of the 15 million recognized Jews in the world today, every one of them has a Spanish ancestor. Wow!

We are translating our online School of Messianic Theology into Spanish to reach out to these millions of Christians and Jewish descendants! We believe we are about to see an amazing revival in Latin America for Jewish ministry. You can help be a part of this with us!

Launching Europe's first seminary degree in Messianic studies

Almost impossible to believe, God is calling us to help create the first accredited seminary degree for Jewish ministry in European history!

We are aiming to launch this program in October 2018 in the heart of Poland in partnership with Warsaw Theological Seminary.

Less than 75 years since the devastation of three million Polish Jews in the Holocaust, this is an amazing story of restoration and redemption for all of Europe!

With your help, we are literally rewriting history for God’s glory in Poland! A new wave of leaders will be launched to bless Israel with the love of the Messiah!

Planting congregations in Africa with strong leaders

Since Jewish Voice and MJBI started working in Zimbabwe in 2012, we have seen over 86 congregations planted amongst the Lemba Jewish community. There were none before 2012.

We’ve been training 30 Lemba Jewish leaders in our Kadima college-level program since this past September. Within three years, they will speak fluent Hebrew and will be some of the best-trained leaders for Jewish ministry anywhere in the world.Your support helps us continue this explosive congregation-planting movement in Zimbabwe and beyond in Africa!

Would you please help us?

Before the end of the year, would you please prayerfully consider making a generous gift to help launch us into these incredible opportunities for 2018?

God has given us a unique vision, and we cannot accomplish this without your help.

As we continue taking the Gospel “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16), and raise up leaders to bless the Jewish people with the Good News, I know God will faithfully bless you according to His word in Genesis 12:3!

  • $10,000 contributes to the launch of our school in Poland
  • $5,000 provides scholarships for two Lemba students for one year
  • $1,000 helps translate our SMT into Spanish

Your gift of any amount is appreciated deeply!

Give a Year End Gift

May God richly bless you as you give in faith to these great opportunities to bless Israel!


Nic Lesmeister
President & CEO