A Prisoner of Thanks?

A Thanksgiving Devotional

By Tara Kieschnick, MJBI Media and Communications Manager
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Posted in Featured Articles on November 22, 2017

Gratitude is one of the most empowering virtues on earth. If firmly gripped, life’s bumps and detours are less daunting. It’s no wonder then that the Bible is full of admonitions to “give thanks” and “remember all He has done.”

The word “gratitude” in Hebrew reflects the idea of “recognizing the good.” As believers, rehearsing the goodness of the Lord is critical, for it positions us to trust. Solutions may remain unseen and situations unresolved, but gratitude assures us God is still God. This is not a denial of reality, but a recognition that God is more powerful than our circumstances. When we open ourselves to the power of thankfulness, it will build our faith that our Father’s concern over us is unwavering.

“We boast about you, our God, and we are always grateful.” Psalms‬ ‭44:8‬ ‭CEVUK‬‬

It is fascinating that in Hebrew the word “grateful” can be translated “beholden,” “indebted,” or, literally, “a prisoner of thanks.” Can we honestly say our hearts are so full of “seeing the good” that we are held captive by gratitude? Or do we choose the more traveled road of complaint that leads to a soul bound by ingratitude?

Just how thankful are we on a daily basis? How well do we recognize the goodness of God in our own lives? Are we grateful in spite of our circumstances? Are we open to the power of a grateful heart?

Lord, give me the grace to walk through the gateway of gratefulness. May I obediently choose to be a “prisoner of thanks,” knowing that to “recognize the good” is Your will for my life. Help me continually to rehearse Your goodness that will in turn build my faith in You for a future and a hope. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.