Big and Bold: Our 2020 Vision

By Nic Lesmeister - President and CEO
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Posted in Newsletter on October 24, 2017

I was reading about the worldwide Body of Messiah a few weeks ago when I came across a very startling statistic. Of all the churches and congregations in the world, 85% are led by someone with no formal Bible training. Wow!

In America, we have some amazing Bible teachers and pastors, and most of the finest seminaries in the world. Students fly in from all over the world to attend these seminaries, then return to their home countries to further advance God’s Kingdom.

But what about those who cannot afford such a privilege, yet are similarly called of God? And more specifically, what about those who are called to reach our Jewish brothers and sisters?

Did you know there are only two countries in the entire world where such a student can receive seminary-level training and education?

That is a mere 1% of all the world’s nations. So how can someone called to Jewish ministry receive solid, Biblical training to reach the Jewish people if they live in one of the other 99% of the countries?

At MJBI, we feel God is calling us to be a part of changing this shocking statistic.

By the year 2020, our goal is to pioneer or collaborate in establishing seminary-level education for leaders called to Jewish ministry on the five major continents of the earth: North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Today, this type of education is only available in North America (U.S.A.), and in Asia (Israel).

Our 3-year Kadima (Hebrew for “Forward!”) program will issue Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees in Messianic Jewish Theology for Jewish and Gentile leaders called to reach the House of Israel around the world.

In September, we launched this program in Africa amongst the Lemba Jewish Tribe in Zimbabwe. A few years ago, we launched a similar program in partnership with The King’s University in Southlake, Texas.

Throughout 2017, we have been planning a possible launch for this program in Europe through a partnership with a seminary in Warsaw, Poland. Dr. Wayne Wilks and I will travel there in December to continue planning. It would be the first ever college-level Bible training in Messianic Jewish studies in European history! 

We will begin strategizing our future in South America in 2018 and will look later to Asia. By 2020, we feel that credible Bible training will finally be much more accessible for the other 99% of leaders called to Jewish ministry, who today have little to no other options.

We truly need your help to see this bold vision turn into a reality.

Would you prayerfully consider an investment in our ministry as we move forward with God’s guidance?

Your donation is truly an investment that will pay heavenly dividends for many years to come. Partner with us to change the lives of leaders who will share the Good News of Yeshua with the Jewish people around the world.

May the LORD richly bless you as you help us see this great “2020 Vision” become a reality!


Nic Lesmeister
President & CEO