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By Nic Lesmeister
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Posted in Featured ArticlesLatest News, on August 29, 2017

Hello Friends,

I’m sure most of you have been glued to your televisions or computers lately, watching the tragic images coming out of the Texas Gulf Coast region in the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

In times like this, we all wonder what we can do to help.

Our mission at MJBI includes working with local Messianic congregations to train leaders for Jewish ministry all over the world, the United States included.

Two thriving Messianic congregations in Houston are located in the midst of some of the hardest hit areas of flooding so far – Beth Messiah and Beth Yeshua HaMashiach.

We are close to the leaders of these congregations, and have been in contact with them. Many families from their congregations are currently evacuated from their homes, and others will likely face monumental clean-up needs in the days ahead. Thankfully, everyone is safe so far.

There are many great organizations to donate your money to in disasters like this, but…

We would like to provide you with an opportunity to give direct relief to the local Messianic Jewish community in Houston.

MJBI is joining with Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue in Dallas, the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, and Jewish Voice Ministries to raise funds and support local relief efforts for these two Houston congregations.

100% of all donated funds will be sent to the congregations in order to bless and care for their families and community members now and in the many days ahead.

As these families return to their homes once the flooding subsides, they will have substantial clean-up efforts, as well as needs to help them find temporary shelter in hotels or other places. The synagogues, too, will likely need clean up and repair.

Please pray and consider donating to help these Messianic congregations in their time of great need.

Give Now

You can also mail a check, or call our office to give a donation:

PO Box 610105
Dallas, TX 75261
(817) 864-9300
(Please include a note for “Houston” with your checks)

As we partner to bless and support them, it gives them the resources they need to rebuild, and then reach their community members with the love of Yesuha – both the Jewish and non-Jewish residents of Houston.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

May the LORD richly bless you as you stand with these beloved brothers and sisters in this tragic time.


Nic Lesmeister
Nic Lesmeister Signature
Nic Lesmeister – President and CEO


P.S. If you are unable to give financially, please commit to pray for these wonderful Jewish believers in Houston. They have an amazing opportunity to be the hands and feet of Yeshua to the Houston Jewish community in the days and months ahead! Your prayers are so valuable!

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