Trump, Netanyahu and MJBI

By Nic Lesmeister - President and CEO
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Posted in Latest NewsNewsletter, on August 23, 2017

I am not one who watches much cable news. Overseeing a global ministry that is active in 10 different countries, along with raising two kids under the age of five does not afford me much free time to indulge in the latest commentary on news stories of the day.

I do, however, pay close attention to what is happening around the world – particularly in countries where MJBI is active, and areas with large populations of Jewish citizens. Over the past few months, I have been amazed by some of the events taking place globally.

First, while Tabatha and I were in Jerusalem this past May, we were able to witness the President of the United States landing by helicopter for his historic visit to Israel. He is the first sitting U.S. President to lay his hands on and pray at the Western Wall – Judaism’s most holy site.

The same day President Trump left Jerusalem, our family left Israel for a trip to Budapest, Hungary, and Warsaw, Poland. While in Warsaw, we toured the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in the heart of the former 750-acre Warsaw Ghetto and had some exciting strategic MJBI meetings. Mere weeks later, President Trump made Warsaw his first major European visit as President and his Jewish daughter, Ivanka, laid a wreath at the Ghetto Uprising Memorial at the Museum.

In mid-July, Benjamin Netanyahu became the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit post-Communist Hungary. On his visit, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, made the first ever government public confession of sin for what the Hungarian government did to the Jewish people during World War II (550,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust). Hungary had avoided a public apology for over 70 years. It was truly historic!

All of these events occurred within weeks of Tabatha and I being in these same places, where we are currently planning expansion for MJBI in the near future.  

Friends, you and I are living in amazing times! We are seeing major events take place on the world stage pertaining to Israel, the Jewish people and the Kingdom of God. This is why we at MJBI are so Determined to forge ahead with new initiatives to see “all Israel saved!” (Rom. 11:26)

So if you haven’t already, I really encourage you to register to attend our annual banquet – Determined – on Thursday, September 14. Go to and secure your spot today, or call our office at 817-864-9300.

We are going to be sharing new vision on how God is using MJBI to build the Kingdom alongside these historic events happening around the world.

Would you please pray about joining us for this exciting evening?

Hopeful to see you soon,

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Nic Lesmeister, President & CEO

P.S. Please enjoy our annual Parashot for the new Jewish year ahead (5778). As you read through the Bible with the Jewish people in the coming year, please pray that they will see Messiah Yeshua in the Scriptures! Download Here!