To the Jew First, and then … Japan!

By Nic Lesmeister
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Posted in Newsletter on April 27, 2017

Have you ever actually pinched yourself?

I find myself using that phrase quite often lately. Of course, we all know it is not a literal phrase, but one that suggests a state of dreamy bliss. Nonetheless, sometimes I really do pinch myself. I figure I should be a doer of my words, at least from time to time. Right?

Recently, I returned from an amazing trip to Tokyo, Japan, with Dr. Wayne Wilks and Dr. Greg Stone with Gateway Church Jewish Ministry. We were teaching at a conference called “Love Israel” with a fantastic congregation, Hope Church. It was three wonderful days of teaching on God’s love for the Jewish people, the Jewishness of Yeshua, and the revival of Jewish believers around the world.

At the end of the conference, Pastor Steven of Hope Church generously took up an offering for MJBI. We returned to his office, where he asked me if a written check for the offering was okay. I gratefully told him that would work.

Something truly supernatural happened next.

Hope Church is 26 years old. They have never had check writing privileges with their bank, but just recently received them. Pastor Steven stood in amazement as he realized that the very first check Hope Church had ever written had just been written “to the Jew first” as an offering for MJBI.

It was a truly holy moment! We all gathered to pray and ask God’s blessing of Genesis 12:3 on Hope Church, and on the nation of Japan as their church blazes the way for this ministry to the Jewish people in a land of such few believers in Jesus.

Even as I write this, I am struck by the greatness of God’s love for His people – Jew and Gentile. A nation once so belligerent to America and her allies is now being changed by this influential church, which is aligning with God’s love for the Jewish people.

We are living in such incredible times! God is raising up leaders around the world who will stand with and bless the Jewish people – even as far away as Japan! Before setting this letter down, would you pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how He wants you to further connect with His ministry to the Jewish people?

Thank you for your friendship and partnership,

Nic Lesmeister
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Gratefully, Nic Lesmeister – President and CEO