Life From the Land

By Moran Rosenblit, Hope for Israel Ministries
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Posted in Zealous Magazine on April 10, 2017

The Lord led me to found Hope for Israel Ministries (HFI) in the year 2000. Through humanitarian outreaches, such as helping struggling families throughout Israel, and a dynamic discipleship program, HFI is bringing the hope of Messiah Yeshua back to Jerusalem while investing in the future generation of believers in Israel. We have a threefold vision where we see the lives of young people radically transformed for His glory.

STAGE 1: Youth Group

The first stage of our discipleship begins at “NerYah,” where approximately 90 teenagers from various congregations in Jerusalem meet weekly for fellowship, worship, and Bible study. Living in a culture that is ignorant of and often hostile to their faith, it is vital that the youth have a place to be supported in their faith with fellow believers their age, and receive guidance from youth leaders. We firmly believe in encouraging the youth to cultivate a wholehearted devotion to God that is grounded in a deep knowledge of His Word, His love and His presence in their lives so that they can be bold, bright witnesses to the people of Israel.

STAGE 2: Army Service

The second stage of our discipleship vision began in 2009 in order to provide much needed support and love for believers serving in the IDF. The army is one of the most challenging seasons in the life of a believer. Young men and women at the age of 18 are separated from their parents, friends, and congregations. The life for soldiers can be lonely and full of temptations from the secular lifestyle surrounding them. This is why we pay close attention to our soldiers and shower them with encouragement. We host a bi-weekly meeting for the soldiers where they can fellowship, worship, and study the Word together. Our staff regularly sends encouraging text messages, and four times a year our soldiers receive care packages full of goodies to enjoy.

STAGE 3: Readjustment to Civilian Life

In 2010, when the vision for the third stage of discipleship started to form, HFI implemented a scholarship program to bless graduates from NerYah with the finances to pursue higher education. We also began offering one-on-one counseling after their release from the army. These counseling sessions provide guidance in all areas of life – personal, spiritual, and professional. We also recently added a women’s Bible study for young women seeking fellowship and enrichment in their faith.

The growth of the Messianic community in Israel has been exciting in the past 17 years. We know that young believers are future leaders in Israel society. It is an honor for us to minister Messiah Yeshua to them in this beautiful Land!

Moran Rosenblit is a native Israeli. He embraced Yeshua as Messiah while in America in the late 1990s. He and his wife, Melissa, live outside of Jerusalem with their three kids. Moran keeps MJBI President & CEO Nic Lesmeister well fed when he visits Israel.