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School of Messianic Theology

A Fresh Perspective

By Sam Arnaud, MJBI Executive Coordinator
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Posted in Featured ArticlesUncategorized on August 24, 2016

Have you ever considered diving into more knowledge about Messianic Judaism? Maybe the very idea scares you.

School of Messianic Theology—out of these three words, which challenges—or makes you shiver—the most?

Is it School? We all have our share of mixed feelings about school. Your experience may have been fun—or not. Is it Messianic? Since you are reading this magazine, I imagine you have an idea of what this means. But just in case, Messianic pertains to the Jewish roots of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

Oh, I know—it must be Theology. It’s such a big word, like a mountain that we don’t necessarily want to climb. Well, not to worry. If we look at the etymology of the word theology we discover that it simply means “the study of God (Theo = God, Logia = utterance, oracles).”

Does knowing any of this make you feel better? If so, do you see how knowledge empowers you to understand?

This is exactly the goal of the School of Messianic Theology (SMT). MJBI offers you the exciting opportunity to learn and study the Word of God in a new and fresh way. You’ll understand Him and see the Scriptures through new eyes, comprehending the amazing inheritance of our Jewish roots without removing the essence of the Word: Yeshua (Jesus).

As believers and disciples of Yeshua, we are called to meditate, study, and learn the Word. We are to seek the treasures and the mysteries written, but also to see the simplicity of the Good News that man has tried so hard to complicate. Whether you are curious by nature and just stumbled upon the Messianic Jewish movement, or have a heart for Jewish ministry and want to learn more, the SMT will empower you, your family, and your church to understand God’s plan and our Great Hope that is ahead.

Don’t hesitate! Available 24/7, this online program will take you through the fundamentals of our Jewish Messiah. Courses range from “Jewish History and Culture” to “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.” All classes are taught by recognized Messianic scholars and teachers, such as Dr. Dan Juster, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Jeff Seif, Dr. Ray Gannon, and more.

Join the SMT program, and not only will you appreciate the Messianic Jewish movement more, but you will also join our thousands of Jewish students around the world who are ushering in the return of Yeshua on earth by declaring Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai – Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!

Sam Arnaud, MJBI Executive Coordinator
By Sam Arnaud, MJBI Executive Coordinator

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