For Zion’s Sake – Winter 2015

By Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D.
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Posted in Zealous Magazine on December 1, 2015

With wars, political unrest, planes disappearing or exploding in mid- air, and unbelievable atrocities, it feels like the world is in chaos. Daily the news becomes more shocking underscoring the fact that we need a Peace Maker. It is wonderful and reassuring to know that with all the turmoil, believers have a refuge and a reason to go on living in joyous victory. Yeshua, Messiah of the Jewish people and the nations, has it under control. The whole world wonders the same question: What will come next?
We at the MJBI press forward with great excitement looking with anticipation to the things He has called us to in 2015. That is why I am excited about this issue of ZEALOUS! You will find some news about our ever-expanding School of Messianic Theology online school — we are in Russian now! Dr. Gannon has a captivating academic article, “Yeshua the Law of God.” My wife, Bonnie has an inspiring article about the blessings that take place from Mt. Zion. We have some fun photographs and a short recap of our happy banquet featuring Phil and Alan Robertson and Matthew West.

You will find a spring schedule enclosed for those interested in taking Messianic courses at The King’s University, online or at the Gateway campus in Southlake, Texas. Details are also enclosed concerning our 2015 tour of Israel in November. We would be honored for you to join us in the Holy Land. This will be unlike most tours, including some off-the-beaten-trail sites and meeting local Messianic believers.

I want to extend our most joy-filled greetings for the New Year. We have every reason to hope! The world groans for the revelation of the Sons of Light, and Scripture says we purify ourselves while we hope for His soon return! Be encouraged today amidst the challenges of a world gone wild, and purify yourself with this promise. We keep you in our prayers and hearts as you step into 2015 that hope would be a tangible joy and part of your lives.

Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D.
For Zion’s Sake, Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D. – President