For Zion’s Sake – Spring 2015

By Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D.
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Posted in Zealous Magazine on March 1, 2015

Something exciting is scheduled for fall of 2015! It is a Messianic Jewish Bible Institute tour of Israel. I love to journey with new – and old – comers to Israel. It is so fun to see the sparkle in people’s eyes as they literally walk where Jesus has been on the Galilee, in Jerusalem, at Calvary, and the garden of His resurrection. Bonnie and I warmly invite you to join us for this trip of a lifetime. It will include some off-the-beaten trail sites as well as meeting Messianic believers from the Land. You will find all the details and dates in this issue.

I am especially excited about this spring issue of Zealous which features an informative article by Jorge and Marcela Goldstein from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been affiliated with the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute for nearly 18 years, and it has been a joy to work arm-in-arm with this special Jewish couple. You will be encouraged as you read about them and the work in South America.

We have included an inspiring testimony from an elderly couple who have faithfully given to the MJBI for many years and were some of our very first donors. You will also find a 2014 overview of our ministry by Frank Lugenheim, MJBI Director of Operations. It will give you a quick update on where and what we are doing.

As a companion piece to our Argentina feature, Dr. Raymond Gannon has an historical contribution on the Marrano Jews of South America. We also have an update on our online School of Messianic Theology. We are adding courses in 2015 and students from around the world as well!

There is a course listing for the spring Messianic program at The King’s University with online and in-class options. Peruse the possibilities. Continued learning brings great rewards personally and for the Kingdom of God.

For Zion’s Sake,

Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D.
Wayne Wilks, Jr., Ph.D. – President