SMT Learns a New Language

By Giuseppe Rispoli
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Posted in Featured ArticlesUncategorized, Zealous Magazine, on September 12, 2014

After 15 years of ministry and teaching in many countries of the world, the MJBI leadership had a vision to capture Messianic truths from world-renowned teachers and make them available to students globally. A format was needed that would overcome time barriers, classroom capacity limits, and teacher availability.

In 2011 the MJBI officially launched the online School of Messianic Theology (SMT), and it is available at any time to anyone connected by any computer or mobile device to the Internet. The SMT program fits both those desiring to know more about the Scriptures and those who may be well-studied and looking to find a fresh perspective.

The SMT program has been able to reach hundreds of people around the world who want to learn the Scriptures from a Messianic perspective. It is truly a blessing to partake in this journey. We are seeing so many lives impacted by the depth and inspiration that comes from the heart of our teachers and their many years of devoted Scripture study.

It is also a blessing to announce that a Russian version of SMT is about to go online. With around 170 million Russian-speaking people in the world, SMT-Russian will give us the opportunity to reach many believers hungry for the gospel and in need of Messianic education and balanced scriptural teachings.

David Sviontek and I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine, in January 2014 to finalize the logistical and technical details of starting the SMT-Russian project. Entering the country with all of our equipment was not easy, but by G-d’s will we were able to cross in with minimal problems and all of our equipment still intact.

We are grateful for a formidable team and leadership in Ukraine that has relentlessly worked on this project. They are translating courses and books, recording voice-overs and editing video for an official SMT-Russian launch this fall. Through their efforts and determination, and your financial support, this vision is becoming reality.

By Giuseppe Rispoli, Media & E-Learning Director