HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY – A Tale of Two Calls

By Alisa Stephenson
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Posted in Featured ArticlesUncategorized, Zealous Magazine, on September 12, 2014

MJBI Welcomes Phil and Alan Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty November 1st at the Fort Worth Convention Center

“HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY” is the way Phil Robertson describes his life. It’s rare person who gets to do so, but he is living the American dream. Phil, a.k.a. the “Duck Commander,” (a title given him by a hunting buddy that later became the name of his thriving duck call business) has proven it IS possible with persistence, hard work, and a bonafide call…or two.

With expertise and creativity in product sales marketing, Phil has made millions as the “Duck Commander.” Eventually the company’s success led to the A&E reality TV series Duck Dynasty. Phil reluctantly agreed to do the show, feeling with 100% certainty it would fail. But instead it has made his family a household name, gaining them popularity beyond their wildest imaginations.

Phil’s straight forward and simplistic manner of speech has made him a popular speaker to a wide range of audiences. As an author, he has sold well over 1/2 million copies of his book HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY since its release in May. Phil, the maker of duck calls, also has a spiritual call which he carries out by speaking the truth of the Good News every chance he gets.

Raised on a humble farm in northern Louisiana, Phil’s family had little more than what they could provide for themselves off the land. What the Robertsons did have was plenty of love, respect for each other, and a devotion to family. Phil became a proficient hunter and fisherman at a very early age. He was competitive in school sports which led him to Louisiana Tech as starting quarterback ahead of a guy named Terry Bradshaw. Eventually Phil walked away from that position, making Terry the starter—and the rest is NFL history. Even still, he was offered a chance to play pro football for the Washington Redskins, but his heart was just not in it so he turned them down.

Phil began to immerse himself in the ‘60s drug culture, doing what he calls “rompin’, stompin’ and rippin’.” This took him down a path of destruction far away from God. Though he did complete his master’s degree and went on to teach school and coach sports, he was still living a reckless life causing hardship for his wife and children.

One thing he did not stray from was his passion for duck hunting. Phil would soon answer God’s call and then invent a duck call–-both events changed his life. He then began an incredible journey to who and where he is today.

If the Robertsons are somewhat eccentric, decked in camouflage and long beards, they are also intriguing. People watch their TV show by the millions. They appeal to teenagers, young adults and older-adult audiences all the same. The simplistic family values by which they live are attractive to Christian and non-Christian viewers. According to Miss Kay (Phil’s wife of 50 years), Duck Dynasty is a mission and ministry. “Kingdom first” was always their motto and motive for Duck Commander.

Phil says that when he started his Christian walk, he was determined to become a Bible scholar. He wanted to understand the true meaning of every verse so that one day he would be able to share it with folks who found themselves in the same predicament he had been. Phil may be the only man around quoting Scripture, carrying his Bible, and blowing duck calls to crowds. But he will gladly use any opportunity to demonstrate the call he makes and The Call he lives—because it makes him “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.”

His son Alan (Al) did become a Bible scholar and was the senior pastor of Whites Ferry Road Church for many years. He joined the cast of Duck Dynasty this season, and now handles the bookings for the Robertson family, travelling exclusively with his dad.

MJBI looks forward to welcoming Phil and Alan Robertson (and maybe a few other Robertson family members). We are blessed that God has allowed us to expand our mission and message in creative ways through unique individuals—and the Robertsons are no exception. They will attract a vast audience who will hear the vision of MJBI…and WE are “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY” to have them!

By Alisa Stephenson, Director of Events and Partner Relations