The Salsa Lady

By Tara Kieschnick
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After attending her very first MJBI banquet with husband, Carl, many years ago, Delma Hansen says she was changed. “I felt like I had stepped into a whole new realm of my Christian walk…a genuine love for Israel began to cultivate immediately in my heart.” From that point forward, the Hansons began sharing and supporting the vision of MJBI.

Delma then quit her full-time job years later to help raise her grandchildren. Although their income dropped, Delma’s desire to support MJBI did not. Inspired by the fundraising passion the late Freda Lindsay exemplified at a banquet one year, Delma began to ask the Lord for a creative way she, too, could raise money. His answer? Make and sell jars of salsa to sponsor and host a banquet table.

As she began sharing this God-inspired idea with others, Delma was quite surprised by the response. The Lord began to provide jars, fresh produce, and even cash donations through both friends and strangers for the fundraiser. When it was over, Delma had enough that first year to sponsor not just one, but TWO, tables!

Because of her continuing fundraising efforts, Delma is now affectionately known around the MJBI office as “The Salsa Lady.” And this year marks the Hanson’s eleventh year of MJBI banquet attendance.
“I have witnessed the process the MJBI staff goes through in bringing together all the parts of the banquet in a spirit of excellence and integrity,” says Delma. “Both Carl and I consider it a privilege to (labor) together alongside MJBI history makers – to seize these moments in time and watch the salvation of all Israel – the apple of God’s eye.”


By Tara Kieschnick, Contributing Writer

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