About our school in Israel

The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Israel is under the oversight of Dr. Dan Juster. The program consists of two schools, one for Ethiopian leaders in Tel Aviv, and the other is a national program which offers modular classes and seminars.

MJBI Israel’s Objectives:

  1. We are committed to the centrality of Yeshua and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our discipleship training includes learning to listen to the voice of God and to be active in group-meetings that follow the pattern of I Corinthians 14. We obey the command to, “Seek earnestly the best gifts.”
  2. We seek to teach all the students to develop character through obedience to the teaching of Yeshua. In this we believe in the place of the Torah as applied in the New Covenant.
  3. We are committed to a continued Jewish lifestyle that is rooted in Torah and applied in the New Covenant. The Jewish heritage, where it is in accord with the letter and the Spirit of the New Covenant, is fostered. In Israel, this is especially connected to the return to the land in a Hebrew language society in conjunction with Romans 11:29.
  4. We are oriented to the systematic teaching of the Bible and its application for all students. Our teaching is primarily in Hebrew with English translation. We purpose to have an emphasis on Holy Spirit impartation, not only head knowledge.

Part-Time Programs:

MJBI Israel also offers module courses that enable students to complete the classroom part of a course over a three-day period. These special modules will also include full-time students. In addition, we may offer classes at various locations to fulfill the need of other communities in the Land.

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